Full Series: Foundations of Yoga with Kristen

Full Series: Foundations of Yoga with Kristen

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All classes in this series will be released at 5pm cst on March 8th.

You will get the full four-part series with this offering and save $10 when you buy this full package.
  1. "Breathe" - We'll discuss what yoga is and why it's complimentary to our dance practice, then we'll explore linking breath to movement and move through some foundational yoga poses.

  2. "Flow" - We'll continue to use our breath-to-movement building block and break down Vinyasas and Sun Salutation As -- both important components of Vinyasa yoga.

  3. "Strengthen" - We'll continue our journey with Sun Salutation B’s and some foundational standing poses to feel strong and solid in our practice. 

  4. "Balance" - In this class, we'll play with some balancing poses and accessible variations of them. Get ready to wobble, laugh at yourself, and have some fun. 

More of what to expect:

"Foundations of Yoga" is a four-part series with 200-hr registered yoga teacher and SNS choreographer Kristen Henke where she'll guide you through the foundations of Vinyasa yoga to help you begin your yoga journey or ground you in your already established practice. This series is rooted in the accessible and loving Sass N Strut community, so know you'll be encouraged and supported the whole way through. Each class runs 30-40 minutes.


Once purchased, this class is yours to "take class" whenever you'd like. You can pause and rewind, you can go back and do it again (and again and again). Once you have purchased it, your accessibility to it is unlimited :)

We will guide you through a warm-up and include a quick cool down.

We work hard to bring these to you from our home to yours, and thank you in advance-for the support towards our small business and choreographers.
Additionally, we are now a proud monthly donor to Six Square and Austin Justice Coalition, and hope you are just as honored as us to know that a portion of your payment is going towards a greater cause for our local BIPOC Community. Please spread the word about our offerings, and consider donating extra, if you are capable.