Dance with Kristen - Jan / Feb

Dance with Kristen - Jan / Feb

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Kristen grew up in the world of competitive dance, learning the foundational technique of ballet, contemporary, and jazz styles. But so much more than technique, dance has always been her healing home and allowed her to express herself in a way words can't. Now, her experience as a certified yoga teacher allows her to pair embodied movement with breath and supported alignment in her classes. She's honored to share this healing modality with others. You can sign up for any one of her class offering at the toggle menu up above. 

Contemporary Fusion is a contemporary based class with a lil' spice. At the heart of these classes is all-levels emotive, inspired choreography. The "fusion" means that choreography will bring in other styles in addition to contemporary, such as the lines, control, and sensuality of heels. In class, we support ourselves with control and stability exercises while exploring our own unique expression to allow the music to tell a story through our bodies.

New Moon Contemporary is a 90 minute class offering by Kristen. New moons are perfect opportunities to reflect, reset, and set intentions for the coming month. What better way to do that than with movement in community? Held each month on/around the new moon, this class includes light journaling and intention-setting, and all-levels choreography inspired by the energy of the new moon. Expect to feel supported and renewed as you look toward the month ahead.

Location: 2015 E. Riverside Dr., Unit 7, Austin, Texas 78741

**Masks are optional.**

You will receive an email with additional class details 24 hours prior to class.

***Classes are non-refundable or transferable. In case of emergency, please contact